About Us

My name is Rohan Lamprecht and I was responsible for erecting an insolvency division at Dionne Lamprecht Attorneys. Initially the firm only accepted local cases and eventually established itself as the local experts in the field of Insolvency Law. By word of mouth the firm's reputation grew and after a decade it had established itself on a provincial level.

As head of the Insolvency Division of Dionne Lamprecht Attorneys, I tasked myself to implement an infrastructure in order to enable the firm to operate on a national basis. It started towards the end of 2004 with a simple, amateurish website that I played with for a couple of months, before progressing to a more professional design and implementation during by the beginning of 2005. By May 2005 I launched an internet ad campaign, optimising the website for search engines and eventually flew down to Cape Town to set up our infrastructure to accommodate bankruptcy applications. We were mainly catering for the Northwest Province, Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town, with our stronghold in Rustenburg.

The whole project turned out to be a huge success, although we did experience quite a few unanticipated growing pains and disappointments. At one stage during 2006, I was all alone in the division and being responsible for everything myself, yes typing included, could barely keep it afloat. However, my perseverance prevailed (I'm told it's because I'm too stupid to know when to quit) and by the end of 2008, we have grown to 8 insolvency consultants in the division and were truly operating on a national basis. I was even invited to be interview by Moneyweb:


or else, download the interview directly from the Moneyweb website.


We were doing more bankruptcy applications in more provinces than anyone had ever done.  We eventually were responsible for 108 successful voluntary bankruptcy applications in 2008 alone that served before various High Courts throughout South Africa:

Bophuthatswana Provincial Division   (Mafikeng)

Cape of Good Hope Provincial Division   (Cape Town)

Durban and Coast Local Division   (Durban)

Eastern Cape Division   (Grahamstown)

Free State Provincial Division   (Bloemfontein)

Natal Provincial Division   (Pietermaritzburg)

South-Eastern Cape Local Division   (Port Elizabeth)

Transvaal Provincial Division   (Pretoria)

Witwatersrand Local Division   (Johannesburg)

Taken into account that on average there's only 250 court days in a year (excluding High Court recesses), a successful bankruptcy application served before the High Court every 2.3 days! Sounds great, especially since the success rate exceeded 96.2% (the unsuccessful applications were eventually granted on our second attempt in 2009).

Unfortunately the substantial increase in demand for our services prompted a greater need for more information to be supplied to our clients in a shorter amount of time. I saw the need to erect the ULTIMATE bankruptcy website. A website that could provide EVERYTHING a potential client could possibly desire to make an informed choice free of charge - thus the concept of Bankruptcy24.co.za was born. I still have to add a huge amount of content and various options, but I hope that what I have done thus far is of assistance to South African Citizens, locally and abroad.

Bankruptcy24.co.za is my private website and only serves as an informative tool for the services provided by Dionne Lamprecht Attorneys. Please note therefore that the views expressed herein are my own or that of my co-contributors and not necessarily that of Dionne Lamprecht Attorneys, even though the content of both website might be very similar in nature, as I am also the author of all the articles on the Dionne Lamprecht Attorneys' website.

My vision for 2009 is to double the amount of successful High Court applications and to expand our services pertaining to forced sequestrations and liquidations of legal entities. I truly hope you find the information you seek on Bankruptcy24.co.za and allow us to assist you in making an informed choice as to whether or not you file for bankruptcy.