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95.   Application of proceeds of securities.(1)  The proceeds of any property which was subject to a special mortgage, landlord’s legal hypothec, pledge or right of retention, after deduction therefrom of the costs mentioned in subsection (1) of section eighty-nine, shall be applied in satisfying the claims secured by the said property, in their order of preference, with interest thereon calculated in manner provided in subsection (2) of section one hundred and three from the date of sequestration to the date of payment, but subject to the provisions of subsection (4) of section ninety-six.

(2)  If a creditor whose claim is secured by a mortgage over immovable property belonging to the insolvent estate has not proved his claim and the trustee is not satisfied that the debt in question has been discharged or abandoned, he shall deposit with the Master for payment into the Guardians’ Fund the proceeds of the sale of any such property to an amount not exceeding such capital amount of the said mortgage and such arrears of interest as the mortgagee would have had a preferent right to claim, after deduction of an amount equal to the costs which he would have had to pay if he had proved his claim and had stated in the affidavit submitted in support of his claim that he relied for the satisfaction of his claim solely on the proceeds of the sale of the said property. The amount so deposited or the part thereof to which the former mortgagee may be entitled shall be paid to him if, within a period of one year after confirmation in terms of section one hundred and twelve of the distribution account under which the money is distributed, he applies therefor to the Master and the Master is satisfied after proof of his claim, that he is entitled to the amount or part thereof.

(3)  Any amount deposited with the Master in terms of subsection (2) which has not been paid out to the former mortgagee, as in that subsection provided, shall after the expiry of the year mentioned in that subsection be distributed among the creditors who have proved claims against the insolvent estate prior to the confirmation of the said distribution account, as if the amount had, at the time of such confirmation, been available for distribution among them.

(4)  Any creditor claiming to be entitled to share in the said distribution shall make written application to the Master for payment of his or her share, and the Master may pay out to such creditor or may hand the money to the trustee, if any, for distribution among the creditors entitled thereto, or, if there is no trustee, may, in accordance with policy determined by the Minister, appoint a trustee on such conditions as he or she may think fit to impose for the purpose of making such distribution.

[Sub-s. (4) substituted by s. 9 of Act No. 16 of 2003.]

(5)  Any trustee charged with the duty of making such a distribution shall submit to the Master a supplementary plan of distribution in respect thereof, and the provisions of this Act relating to a plan of distribution shall apply in respect of such supplementary plan.