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All bankruptcy applications are tended to by the Insolvency Division of Dionne Lamprecht Attorneys, our law firm specialising in Insolvency Law and Bankruptcy Applications on a national basis - no matter where you're situated. We have also assisted South African citizens whist working in other Africa Countries such as Botswana, DRC, Libia or even abroad in Australia, United Kingdom, China and Singapore. In short, we are the only Insolvency Law firm specializing in online and web-based bankruptcy applications for South African citizens on a global basis, making our team the most prominently featured bankruptcy attorneys and insolvency experts on the web.

Insolvent? Considering declaring yourself bankrupt?

We believe that being insolvent and eventually declared bankrupt, is a traumatic experience for anyone although it is a very effective debt solution. With the aforementioned in mind, we have streamlined the sequestration process to assist insolvent clients declaring themselves bankrupt in 12 easy steps, making bankruptcy the most viable debt solution available. Due to the fact that you can only file for bankruptcy in the High Court, bankruptcy attorneys tend to exploit desperate people in need of debt relief. We strive to make the insolvency process and specifically filing for personal bankruptcy, as affordable as possible, which is why we have established ourselves as the leading insolvency attorneys' law firm.

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Everything you need to know about filing for personal bankruptcy

This website was designed with the specific intent to assist both existing and potentially new clients of Dionne Lamprecht Attorneys in obtaining all the bankruptcy information they need to assist them in making an informed choice. We also provide information on post-sequestration matters, your rights and obligations after being declared bankrupt, the effects of bankruptcy, the impact of the Insolvency Act, etc.

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Contact us for a free debt analysis or more information regarding insolvency law, bankruptcy applications or sequestrations - simply e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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